Charleston, South Carolina has a rich and interesting past, making it the ideal place to live for anyone who loves history. Some of the historic homes in the city are absolutely incredible, capturing a moment of history in a way that brings the past to life. If you purchase one of these historic homes, it is important to do everything that you can to keep it in great shape.

This can be particularly challenging with an older home. However, the effort is well worth it. Being able to preserve a piece of history is a great way to honor the past. Here are some tips that will help you care for your historic home:

1. Always try to keep everything original. Anytime you have to make repairs you should always attempt to leave the original materials intact. Focus on restoration rather than replacement. There are companies out there that specialize in restoring historic properties. Anytime you are planning on undertaking repairs, it is worth contacting one of these companies to see if there is a way that you can do it without sacrificing the original materials that went into the home.

The exceptions to this are the home’s plumbing and wiring. Both of these systems should be upgraded to meet modern safety standards.

2. Make sure that you are allowed to make renovations. Oftentimes, historic homes are located in protected neighborhoods. There may be limitations imposed by the city as to what types of renovations you can do. For instance, if you want to add a porch to your home, you may need to get the plan approved by the city. You can find out more about any building restrictions for your home by contacting the local zoning department.

3. Embrace the home’s flaws. One of the things that makes historic homes so much fun to live in is that they are not perfect. Unlike cookie-cutter homes that you can find in any modern-day development, these homes have unique quirks and flaws that set them apart from other homes. Try to appreciate these flaws rather than to get annoyed by them. After all, they add to the charm and character of your home.

Along with the above steps, you should also stay on top of regular maintenance. The best way to protect a historic home in Charleston, SC is by preventing any damage from occurring in the first place.